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Writer Full Screen popup Menubar clone

PostPosted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 11:21 pm
by JeJe
The menubar is not available in full screen mode in Writer - which is one of the big disadvantages of it. This extension adds a button to the Full Screen toolbar which opens a popup menu which is a semi-clone of the menubar in OpenOffice.

NOTE: All the items aren't there; some won't function/do anything; and the dynamic nature of the menus hasn't been implemented.
Its a shamelessly unfinished project because cloning / replicating all the features of the menubar is too involved.
It has some usefulness as is though.. otherwise inaccessible commands are available.
If anyone wants to adapt the menu to their needs... go to JeFullScreenMenu/MenuM module and simply edit the lists of commands.
OpenOffice was used as a model - but some of the items work in LibreOffice too.

Update: changed to finding Full Screen toolbar by resourceURL so should position menu regardless of local name for that toolbar.