Alternative Document Properties Extension

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Alternative Document Properties Extension

Postby JeJe » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:58 pm

Alternative document properties dialog. Instead of a grid of one-line properties:
support for multi-line text entry with spelling etc (a text document window is used)
RTF and HTML document properties
categorising document properties with tags via the property name
saving and loading to a file
Faster load than the OpenOffice dialog when there are lots of properties (it freezes)

“Internet” and “Security” tabs of default dialog not included in alternative dialog.
Works better with Openoffice - LibreOffice loads Rtf property into the text window much more slowly than OpenOffice.
Early version: expect bugs
(47.34 KiB) Downloaded 71 times
Alternative Document Properties Help.odt
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Openoffice 4.1.6
Windows 8
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