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Postby BubikolRamios » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:57 am

This replaces text as desired, simultaneously I want to replaced text becomes BOLD (and in next loop BOLD to be skipped). Does not work for some reason.
Replaces text, no effect on style.

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For i= Lbound(matrix,1) To Ubound(matrix,1)
     oReplace.SearchString = matrix(i)(0)          ' Regular expression. Match any text
     oReplace.ReplaceString =  matrix(i)(1)           'Note the & places the found text back
    ' msgbox ( matrix(i)(0))
    ' oReplace.SearchRegularExpression=False  Use regular expressions
    oReplace.searchStyles=True             'We want to search styles
    REM This is the attribute to find
    SrchAttributes(0).Name = "CharWeight"
    SrchAttributes(0).Name = "CharStyleName"
    SrchAttributes(0).Value =com.sun.star.awt.FontWeight.NORMAL' tryed DONTKNOW, no difference

    REM This is the attribute to replace it with
    ReplAttributes(0).Name = "CharWeight"
    ReplAttributes(0).Name = "CharStyleName"
    ReplAttributes(0).Value =com.sun.star.awt.FontWeight.BOLD

    REM Set the attributes in the replace descriptor
     oReplace.searchAll=True               ' Do the entire document
  Next i

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Re: writer/ReplAttributes

Postby Zizi64 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:58 am

My opinion:
It is better to use the styles (Paragraph Styles, Character Styles and others) instead of the usage of a macro code to change some manually adjusted properties in a document.
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