Dialog Editor Image and button color problems

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Dialog Editor Image and button color problems

Postby Davinator » Sat Mar 31, 2018 11:49 pm

Hi guys,
thanks to this forum I am doing great improvements in programming this (Macro) language.
The problem here is not about a macro, but the simple Dialog editor.
I create a new dialog, fill it with tons of button (and link'em to macros) and everything is fine. But

1) I set the background image. It is taken in the editor, but if I click on the simulation button (or if I run the macro that calls that dialog) the result is a deluding grey-backgrounded dialog, that works perfectly, but has not the background I want.
I tried to select "Embed" in the options, when choosing the image, but without fortune. I tried to select another image but no luck. The image is not a remote image but it's an image in my hard disk.

2) More or less the same for the button. I say color is yellow, I simulate it and I see it grey, with a very timy small yellow peripheral coloring.

Seems to be a stupid thing, but not easy to handle ;)
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Re: Dialog Editor Image and button color problems

Postby musikai » Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:01 pm

Better post this in the Macro Forum.
I can imagine that the girl just doesn't want to get shown so lightly dressed :-)
No wonder there is almost no colorchange when pressing her buttons :-)

ok, enough

You could try to set this property of your dialog:
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oYOURdialog.getPeer().setProperty( "NativeWidgetLook", False )

This should most likely do the trick on the buttons.
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