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Select item from formulary

Postby briglia23 » Mon Aug 04, 2008 12:52 pm

Hi all.
How can i select a value from item in a formulary.

I have a primary and a secondary formulari i want select a text from a text label of secondary formulary.

i try this

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Sub Main
Dim oDoc as Object
Dim Form as Object
Dim PrefissoWin as String
PrefissoWin = "D:\\"
oDoc = ThisComponent
DrawPage = oDoc.DrawPage
Form = DrawPage.Forms.GetByIndex(0)
'xray Form
'path = oDoc.getUrl()
FormPath = Form.hasByName("path")
'print FormPath
FormPath = Form.getByName("path")
'xray FormPath
PathCertificato = FormPath.text()
'print PathCertificato
'print NomeCertificato

PathWin= PrefissoWin & NomeCertificato
'print PathWin
sDestUrl = ConvertToUrl(URL)
oSys = CreateUnoService("")
oSys.execute(sDestUrl, "", 0)
End Sub

but the macro don't find the "path" text label.
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