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Draw combination charts via OO calc programatically

PostPosted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 4:50 am
by othmanelmoulat
hi all,

we need to develop a project that is an extension in OO so that it could display a mutitype chart we have drawn in Excel.
Essentially, we have a combination chart consists of a candle stick chart and a line chart appearing together. OO could not display it!

We have research the problem for a while and figure that the easiest way is to develop an extension in Java using the Netbean Integration tool. Probably, adding a new chart type so that it is matched to the excel version. In chart2, it appears that they have changed the structure to a MVC model and under the diagram service, a coordinate system could have a list of charttype. So it appears that it is possible to draw a chart with different charttype on it even without the extension. However, we have not tried the chart2 API as we can't find a working example and SUN is not very helpful either and they discourage us to use chart2.
(see ... cture.html)

can you give us advise how to approach this problem ?
documentation resources , code snippets to call chart2 api from java code and any other helpful suggestion will be very welcomed.


Re: Draw combination charts via OO calc programatically

PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2008 4:14 am
by othmanelmoulat
ok let me put it simply:
com:sun:star:chart2 is not written in java, it is all written in C++ with those horrible IDL files which I don’t want to know about.
However, i do think UNO make it possible to be used in a java environment.
i searched the OOo website and also the web for an example snippet of a java program that calls com:sun:star:chart2 ; but i didn't found anything.

it would be great if java gurus in this forum show me an example of how to use the OOo chart2 API in a java program.