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[Solved] Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 11:57 pm
by UnklDonald418
While doing data entry on a Base Form Grid I have a macro that is invoked by a key press. For it to do its task I need to determine whether MainForm_Grid or a SubForm_Grid on the Base Form has the active cursor. I thought maybe the function hasFocus() would provide the answer. The Developers Guide says:
returns the focus state of the window


I wrote the following test macro which when bound to a key press (Tools->Customize->Keyboard) displays the names of the form/subform where hasFocus() returns TRUE. The problem I am having is that it works as long as I select an entire row on a form/subform grid, but if I only select a single cell on a grid, which is where I need it, hasFocus() always returns FALSE.
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REM  *****  BASIC  *****

Sub CheckFocus()
Dim oDoc as object
Dim fname as string
oDoc = ThisComponent.DrawPage.Forms
fname = FocusNameListRec(oDoc)
print fname
end Sub

REM =============================================

function FocusNameListRec(oDoc as object) as string

DIM  oForm as object, oController as object, oGridControlView as object, oGCMP as object
Dim fName as string
Dim i as integer, j as integer, n as integer
' Globalscope.BasicLibraries.LoadLibrary( "MRILib" )
' oMRI = CreateUnoService( "mytools.Mri" )

oController = ThisComponent.CurrentController
FocusNameListRec = "Not Found"
n = oDoc.Count  'get number of elements on the form
For i=0 to n-1    'i = element counter
  If  oDoc.hasElements()  then
      oForm  = oDoc.getByIndex(i)
      if oForm.ServiceName = "" then
          fName = FocusNameListRec(oForm)
          if fName <> "Not Found" then
             FocusNameListRec = fName  'get return name
          end if
        if  oForm.ServiceName = ""  then
           oGridControlView = oController.GetControl(oForm)
          if oGridControlView.hasFocus() then   ' isActive()  then
'             print "Control has Focus"
             oGCMP = oGridControlView.Model.Parent
             fName = ""       
               fName = oGCMP.getName() + " : " + fName
'               fName = oGCMP.getName() + Chr$(10) + fName
               oGCMP = oGCMP.Parent
               test = oGCMP.ServiceName           
             loop Until test <> ""
             fName = left(fName,Len(fName)-3)
             FocusNameListRec = fName     
          end if
          if oGridControlView.Context.hasFocus() then 
             print "Context has Focus"
             fName = oGridControlView.Model.Parent.getName()
          end if
       end if
      end if
  end if         
next i
end function    'FocusNameListRec

I did find a page at
which I don't fully understand but it makes me wonder if perhaps hasFocus() hasn't been fully implemented.

Anyway, does anyone have any advice on how I might solve this problem?

Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:56 am
by RPG

UnklDonald418 wrote:While doing data entry on a Base Form Grid I have a macro that is invoked by a key press.
I think this give you the focus. Be aware , as far I understand, a control in a grid does never get focus. The grid control can have the focus. You can play with an event of the grid-control or with a control in a grid. It is possible that LibreOffice does have other and more events then AOO.

For the view of the grid control
We have selection and this is for the row in the dataform.
we have the get- set-CurrentColumnPosition what is for the column in the grid for input

for the model of the gridcontrol
We have selection and this is for the selected columns in the gridcontrol. As far I remember it does not work with a number but with something else.

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
sub Moveingrid(oEvent)
dim oGrid
end sub


Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:12 am
by UnklDonald418
Thanks Romke for your response. I am investigating your suggestion.

It just seems odd that selecting the entire row has Focus, but not a single grid element which also knows the row. I noticed that selecting an entire column sometimes has Focus.
For the XFocusListener to work oO must internally keep track of which grid element has Focus, but apparently the programmers decided not to share that information with the outside world.

Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:51 am
by RPG

UnklDonald418 wrote:but apparently the programmers decided not to share that information with the outside world.
I think this is not true.

The view of the grid export a service what export: CurrentColumnPosition.

When you want work with the API and want write macro's then you really need to understand the service with which you want work. I think the programming language is not so important.

The complete Grid control can have the focus. When you select rows or columns or a single cell then the complete grid does have the focus and in an other way you have to discover what you want do.

I do really not understand the reason of this thread. You start a macro with an event. It start with a key press. Then you have the control what does have focus!


Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:24 am
by RPG

I have now done some test on a control in a grid control. A textbox does have the methode setFocus but not hasfocus. I did not remember it. But it make also clear it is not possible to remember all things of all object. It is better to have an idea how it works. ... indow.html ... XGrid.html


Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 6:55 pm
by UnklDonald418
Thanks again Romke
Yes, if I had an event on that control to tie to then finding the control would be easy.
You start a macro with an event.

If I run the macro Moveingrid from for example Ctrl-X ( a Key press) it generates an error message “Message: wrong number of parameters!”. It appears Key press does not trigger an Event.

My comments relate to the fact that if I select a row on a grid control that control hasFocus, but if I select a grid element from that same row the control appears to lose focus. Perhaps the problem is with my understanding of the definition of Focus. I've not found anywhere in the Developers Guide where it actually defines Focus.

If I attach a simple macro

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
REM  ***Basic***
sub LosingFocus(oEvent)

'print "losing Focus"

end Sub

to “Control->Event->When losing focus” each time I move to a different different cell the macro runs despite the fact that
A textbox does have the methode setFocus but not hasfocus.

So, the grid cell can lose focus but doesn't support hasFocus. Where is the logic?

you really need to understand the service with which you want work.

Apparently, I don't understand, which is the reason I posted the question.

Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Sat Feb 20, 2016 8:00 pm
by RPG

When you want use that macro then bind it to the grid control and to an event what give the view of the grid and not the model of the grid.

All parts of a form do have view of the control and a model of the control. When you have a understanding of the difference between the view and the model then it is more easy to understand the code but still real difficult.

I think built up your form in a way that you do not need macros. I think it is also good to spent your study time to SQL and forms and controls.

When you select a row in a grid control then you want some thing knew of the row, more the complete record. You can get a value what is a record number or bookmark. I think the gridcontrol does have the focus when you select the row. I do not know the real answer there I never use the combination hasfocus and selecting a row. The same is true for selecting a column in a gridcontrol.

You can bind events to the controls in a gridcontrol. A gridcontrol does contain other control. Be aware that controls in a gridcontrol are not the same as controls in a form.

When I start with macros I did study all the things exported by an event. Now you can do it with MRI or Xray. I did also learn which services and interfaces are exported by the event. I did learn which method or property belongs to which interfaces. Be aware you have to study hundreds of line and have to discover what means all the combinations. There is nearly no explanation. This means you have to understand how OOo- forms are working.

The logic
The logic comes clear when you understand the normal working of forms and all the properties of the control which can be set in design mode. When you can bring that in combination with the macros then slowly the logic comes clear.

When you cannot stop then see here. It is pointing to the Base tutorials and examples. I have placed there examples with macros but there are also other real good examples to study.


Re: Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:52 pm
by UnklDonald418
Romke, thanks for your response.
I have a working macro (actually, a few months ago you supplied the bones as CopyFieldAbove). That macro works fine on a simple form with a single grid, but when there are multiple grids it needs to know which one to use. Currently I have two working versions, in one a majority of the code is spent on locating and building an array of available grid controls and then setting up a dialog to ask the user which one to use. I was hoping that hasFocus() would be able to supply the information needed to eliminate the dialog. That was the ultimate goal of the test macro I posted with my question here. Since the function hasFocus() doesn't work when I need it I'll have to look at alternatives.

The other version I have been testing uses the following:
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REM  *****  BASIC  *****

Global oFocusdGrid as object
Global FocFormName as string

sub FindFocusdgrid(oEvent)
dim oGrid
dim stest as string

stest = oGrid.model.parent.getName()

if stest = FocFormName  then
  exit sub
   oFocusdGrid = oGrid
   FocFormName = oFocusdGrid.model.parent.getName()
end if
'  print FocFormName   
end sub

The advantage is that it does eliminate much of the code devoted to building and processing a dialog. The drawback is that before I can use this macro I have to bind it to “Control->Event->When receiving focus” for each grid control on a form.

I suppose the next step will be to look for a way to eliminate the need to modify the Control->Properties for each form grid before it can be used.

Re: [Solved] Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Sun Feb 21, 2016 9:05 pm
by RPG

I think it must be real easy to it with the macro I did give.
The original macro can work with one button if the grid are in the same data-form as you see in the form navigator. When the two grids are not in the same data-form then you need a button for each data-form.

When you work with the event get focus bound to a control in a grid-control then you have to modify the macro. But you have only to modify a little of the macro not the real body.

I think the event from getfocus give:
oEvent.source.model.parent.parent 'Give you the formmodel
I think you can delete or out comment the parts for the button.

I have not test the it. I have installed a new version of openSUSE with a new version of LibreOffice and that does not work good.


Re: [Solved] Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:19 am
by RPG

I think the code I did give in the post just before can not work. The original macro is jumping between record and it will fire much more event then you want. It give also a problem with your idea.


Re: [Solved] Having problems with hasFocus()

PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:23 am
by RPG

What is the best solutions is always a choice. In this case I think working with focus is not such a good idea but it is possible other people do have a good solution. I now have a solution with a keyreleased event. This is bind to a gridcontrol.
This event returns a keyevent ... Event.html
We need only a little modifications of the original code and it works. It is real well possible that there other methods to do the same even maybe better methods. I have not test it a lot.


Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
Sub CopyFieldabove(oEvent)
' We get an event from the gridcontrol.
' The event is: keyreleased
' First we drill up from the event to the form-model and the form view
dim oKeyreleased
if oKeyreleased.KeyChar="c" and oKeyreleased.KeyFunc=9 then
   ' Do it only with Control-C
   dim oformmodel2
   dim oFormView2
   dim sValue
   dim oControlViewwewantchange
   dim Operation as object
   dim oSelection
   ' Be aware that a textbox in a gridcontrol is not the same as a stand alone textbox.
   ' This works for a text I Have it not test for big text and also a lot.
   oFormView2=thiscomponent.getcurrentcontroller.getformcontroller(oFormmodel2) ' We have now the form controller
   if  oFormView2.FormOperations.isEnabled(Operation.MoveToFirst) then
   ' We are not on the first record
   'Now we drill down from the form view to the currentcontrol.
   'We do also test: if it is a gridcontrol.
      ' Test for the good control we need special for a grid
      if oControlViewwewantchange.implementationname= "" then
      end if
      if  hasunointerfaces(oControlViewwewantchange.model,"") then
      ' Now we have the control    and we know it does has a bound field
         oSelection=oControlViewwewantchange.getselection ' Store the selection
         'oFormView2.FormOperations.execute(Operation.SaveRecordChanges) '
         oFormView2.FormOperations.execute(Operation.MoveToPrevious) 'Move to previous record
         sValue=oControlViewwewantchange.model.boundfield.getstring ' Take the value
         oFormView2.FormOperations.execute(Operation.MoveToNext) 'Move to Next record
         oControlViewwewantchange.setselection(oSelection) ' Set the selection again
         oControlViewwewantchange.insertText(oSelection,sValue) ' Bring in the value
         oSelection=oControlViewwewantchange.getselection 'Get the new selection
         oControlViewwewantchange.model.text=oControlViewwewantchange.gettext  ' This is also real strange we need it
         oControlViewwewantchange.model.commit ' Strange we need it
      else Print "We cannot work on this control"
      end if
   end if
end if
end sub