BasicProviderImpl::getScript: no script!

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BasicProviderImpl::getScript: no script!

Postby onidarbe » Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:32 pm

Hi, I get a nasty error-window comming up each time I go to help (F1) or moving around in the help-window from CALC oo-Basic.
Probably because I use an event handler while moving focus to an other window, in this case, the help-window. Or is it the build-in event handler "Open Document" which I've pointed to the sub Start_Listener ?

"Message: BasicProviderImpl::getScript: no script!"

Does anyone know what I should change at this code to stop showing this error-window?

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Global oListener As Object
Global oListenerRange As Object
Sub Start_Listener   'This sub is started with the event "Document open"
   oListenerRange=thisComponent.sheets.getByName("EC37 MIRA")
   oListener = createUnoListener("test_","")
End Sub
Sub Stop_Listener
End Sub
Sub test_Disposing(oEvent)
End Sub
Sub test_Modified(oEvent)
End Sub

Thanks !
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Re: BasicProviderImpl::getScript: no script!

Postby hol.sten » Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:41 am

onidarbe wrote:BasicProviderImpl::getScript: no script!

This problems hes been reported several times. Examples:
- ... t+listener
- ... ipt+script
- ... ipt+script

Most solutions of this problem describe that you have to put your code in another library. Don't put it in a library of a single document but into the standard "My Macros & Dialogs" library.

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