loading dcument via http, timing prb, docu evnt listener?

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loading dcument via http, timing prb, docu evnt listener?

Postby beckmann » Thu Apr 17, 2008 2:56 pm

Hello ,

using JAVA and the last OO sdk I am connection to a remote open Office running on Solaris via tcp. I am sending a http:... url to OpenOffice that points to an html Page ( more exact to an php script that outputs some html). OpenOffice shall then convert the generated document to pdf. That works find when I am debugging ( in Netbeans ). But when the programm is running only a part of the page is in the resulting pdf.
I suppose that is a timing propblem like that the page is not fully loaded when I send the command to store as pdf. Googeling through the web I fond some hints concerning EventListeners and csv' ed suns helperAPI (com.sun.star.helper.common.DocumentListener example).
I have problems to compile the helper API with Netbans ( due to some Interfaces in IDL not in JAVA ) and dont find a jar either.

Does anyone have a running example how to write a short document listener and how to plug it in the document ( remote via uno.bridge.. ). The connection ist up and running and conversion of files works fine.

thanx in advance
Bernd Eckmann
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