Acquiring data from DDE exports

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Acquiring data from DDE exports

Postby oukourj » Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:33 pm


I'd need some help for implementing export functions in a customer management program.

Here's the situation :

I use a customer management program which is able to export data about customers and send them to MS Word, automatically creating a letter.

This program sends data to MS Word "Signets" (that's the french word), which, as the developper explained to me, are DDE fields.

The developper doesn't knows how to make this with OOo so I'm needing help for unerstanding this.

Do someone has had to make something like this already?
Or do you see how I could do it?

I think he also has the ability to export the data in CSV format, if needed; but it'd be much more efficient if I could directly use the data in DDE (isn't it?).

Maybe you need more information?
I think I said everything but just ask if you need to know more!

Thanks in advance,

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