How to customize keyboard?

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How to customize keyboard?

Postby Flowerloverly » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:13 pm

I am using Open Office 4.1.5 on MacBook air. Before I updated, I had figured out how to customize my keyboard so that Command R would insert a full row, but the new download lost that command. Now when I go to Customize keyboard, I can't figure out how to change it. I know it is user error, but can someone tell me the keystrokes to do it please? Thanks so much.
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Re: How to customize keyboard?

Postby MrProgrammer » Tue Mar 26, 2019 8:31 pm

Flowerloverly wrote:Command R would insert a full row
OpenOffice already provides a keyboard shortcut to insert a row, so just use that instead of wasting time building your own. Select the row after the location where you want the new, empty row (by clicking the row number, at left), then press ⌘+. To insert three new, empty rows, select the three rows after the location where you want them, then press ⌘+. To insert columns, you click on a column header instead of a row header before using ⌘+. To insert empty cells to the left or above a block of cells, select the block, use ⌘+, and select the desired option from the dialog box. ⌘= performs the same function as ⌘+.

If you have a cell in a row selected but not the entire row, you can quickly select the entire row by pressing ⇪⎵ (hold Shift and press the space bar). If you have a cell in a column selected but not the entire column, you can select the entire column by pressing ⇪⌘⎵ (hold Shift and Command and press the space bar).

Similarly, ⌘- deletes rows, columns, or blocks of cells. Learning how to use these keyboard shortcuts will save you time.

If you insist on your own keyboard shortcut read: [Tutorial] Binding a macro: Shortcut key, menu or toolbar. You seem to want Category=Insert and Function=Insert Cells Down, but ⌘+ is more useful than a shortcut which only provides one function. If use use ⌘R, you will lose the standard Align Right shortcut. And you'll lose that shortcut again the next time you upgrade since ⌘R will revert to Align Right.

If this solved your problem please go to your first post use the Edit button and add [Solved] to the start of the title. You can select the green checkmark icon at the same time.

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