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[Solved] Screen Shot

Postby robglass » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:28 pm

Whereas FireFox 59.0.1 has a nifty "Take Screenshot" utility on its toolbar ( replacing Command + Option + 4 ), I can find no take screenshot/screen capture function for Open Office.
Does OO have a screen shot utility ? A series of steps to achieve a screen shot ?

Thanks !

Rob Glass

OS 10.13.1
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Re: Screen Shot

Postby RusselB » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:03 pm

Not being familiar with a Mac, I don't know if you would have the keys I would use available.
On my Windows system, I would press Ctrl+Shift+PrtSc
On my keyboard, that last key is located immediately to the right of the F12 key. It's also marked SysRq
If you have a PrtSc (or similar) key on your keyboard, you could try the sequence described.
On my Windows system, it creates a copy of what it on the screen, and places it into the clipboard memory, so if I want to use it, I then have to paste the image into another program.
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Re: Screen Shot

Postby Bill » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:08 pm

A Google search for "mac take screenshot" should find an answer.
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Re: Screen Shot

Postby Zizi64 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:14 pm

In my Win7 op.sys.:
- "Print screen" key to put whole screen content onto the clipboard,
- "Alt-Print screen" keys to put the content of the active window onto the clipboard.
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Re: Screen Shot

Postby MrProgrammer » Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:29 am

robglass wrote:Does OO have a screen shot utility?
No. It makes no sense to build a screen capture facility in every individual application.

robglass wrote:A series of steps to achieve a screen shot?
Use Mac OS X: see Finder → Help → Search → Screenshot → Topic → Take pictures of the screen. For my version (OS X 10.9.5) it says to use Shift-Command (⌘)-3. Since you don't know how to do this after using your Mac for quite a while, it suggests to me that you should go to your local library and borrow one of the many "Intro to Mac"-type books. Even one several years old will do since the basics of using Mac OS X haven't changed much in ten years.

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Postby robglass » Tue Mar 27, 2018 5:21 pm

Dear Guys,

I had forgotten the keyboard shortcut ( Command+Shift+3 ) kindly suggested by MrProgrammer.

Thank you all for your helpful advise ! :super:

Rob Glass
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