Tutorial: Mac FAQ

Issues installing under the Mac OSX - X11 - Aqua

Tutorial: Mac FAQ

Postby RoryOF » Mon Jan 15, 2018 4:54 pm

The link below is to an essential tutorial for Mac users; it will solve a lot of Mac related problems
Tutorial: Mac FAQ
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Mac FAQ summary

Postby MrProgrammer » Fri Aug 02, 2019 6:25 am

Summary of [Tutorial] Mac FAQ topics:

Q00: Where is Tools → Options on a Mac?
Q01: How do I fix: Do you want to try to restore its windows again?
Q02: How do I create a new profile on a Mac?
Q03: How do I install OpenOffice on a Mac?
Q04: How do I uninstall OpenOffice on a Mac?

Q05: The Gatekeeper won't let me run OpenOffice. How do I proceed?
Q06: How do I install Java for OpenOffice on a Mac?
Q07: How do I fix OpenOffice so it doesn't crash when I use ⌘1 in Calc (Format → Cells)?
Q08: Why can't I open my password protected document on a Mac?
Q09: Why can't I use Tables/Queries/Mail Merge on MacOS?

Q10: How do I use function keys (F1, F2, …, F12) on a Mac?
Q11: What happened to my menu bar at the top of the screen (OpenOffice, File, Edit, etc.)?
Q12: What is the keyboard shortcut for "Next Window" on a Mac?
Q13: How do I type accented characters (é, ö, ñ, ç etc.) on a Mac?
Q14: How do I enter untypeable characters (Unicode) on a Mac?

Q15: Does OpenOffice run on MacOS 10.12 and later?
Q16: How do I fix: Document file '………' is locked for editing by: ……….?
Q17: How do I fix: Another instance of OpenOffice is accessing your personal settings or they are locked.?
Q18: How do I verify the checksum for an installation file on a Mac?
Q19: What version of OpenOffice can I use with a PowerPC (1997-2006) Mac?

Q20: How do I import the Address Book (Contacts) into OpenOffice?
Q21: OpenOffice no longer responds so I can't perform OpenOffice → Quit. How can I terminate it?
Q22: How do I tell what version of OpenOffice I have?
Q23: How do I backup OpenOffice files on my Mac?
Q24: How do I restore OpenOffice files from backups?

Q25: What's the translation between MacOS names (Yosemite) and numbers (10.10)?
Q26: My bullet characters do not look right. How do I fix them?
Q27: What are the detailed instructions to delete a profile lock file?
Q28: How do I use the Guest User account to run a test?
Q29: How can I access a file of mine from the Guest User account without a USB drive?

Q30: Can I run OpenOffice on an iPad or an iPhone?
Q31: Do I need administrator privileges for OpenOffice on a Mac?
Q32: I think I have a problem with fonts. What can I do?
Q33: How do I get my documents to open with OpenOffice when I use Finder?
Q34: When should I use Safe Mode with OpenOffice?

Q35: The print dialog on my system does not look like examples in posts on the forum. How can I change it?
Q36: PDF creation does not work the way I want. What alternative do I have?
Q37: The file open/save dialog on my system does not look like examples on the forum. How can I change it?
Q38: The font used for the sheet tabs and row/column headings is too small. How can I change it?
Q39: Does OpenOffice work with a Retina display?

Q40: What might cause: Fatal Error - index out of bounds?
Q42: How can I get OpenOffice to save a image of the screen?
Q43: Is there a solution to problems with OpenOffice not responding (the spinning beach ball) when pasting?
Q44: How do I create a password-protected folder on MacOS?
Q45: Is OpenOffice for MacOS a 32-bit or 64-bit application?

Q46: How can I correct display problems (mixed or superimposed lines) when zooming or scrolling?
Q47: How I change the button color? The black lettering on dark blue background is hard to read.
Q48: How I control whether OpenOffice starts automatically when I log into my Mac?
Q49: How do I fix: OSStatus error 99999?
Q50: The automatic updates feature is not working. How do I fix it?

Q51: How do I create a ZIP file so I can upload it to the forum?
Q52: How do I display file extensions on MacOS so I see MyWriterDocument.odt instead of MyWriterDocument?
Q53: How do I display hidden files (like OpenOffice lock files) on MacOS?
Q54: OpenOffice does not start on MacOS 10.15 even though I've told the GateKeeper to allow it. How do I fix this?
Q55: I'm having trouble opening the "new" Microsoft formats, DOCX/XLSX/PPTX. What can I do?

Q56: How I keep OpenOffice in the dock so I can launch it from there?
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