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Weird startup after installing Leopard

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:17 am
by tocapa
I just recently upgraded my system to Leopard, and since then, I have had some interesting things happen during startup. Once OOo starts, it runs fine; no problems there. However, whenever I start up, it waits about 10 seconds, then pops up a message saying "Command timed out" with no other information. Then, when displaying the splash screen, a Java program called JREProperties opens up on the dock, then quickly closes. Neither of these things happened before. Additionally, though I'm not sure why, xterm now displays "bash-3.2" when it starts, whereas before it was something such as "my-names-computer" or whatever network I was on. Forgive me for my lack of understanding of X11, but I haven't really delved into it. I'm not sure what to do from here.

Here's something else interesting I just discovered. Command-click no longer simulates the right-click as it normally does in X11; however, neither does Ctrl-Click as in Aqua, or any other combination of clicks. I don't know whether this has to do with X11 or OOo, though. Any help is appreciated, on any of these problems.

Re: Weird startup after installing Leopard

PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 6:16 pm
by smsm1
The JREProperties app has always loaded. This is nothing new.

The "Command timed out" error is know, however this is due to a change in the way that X11 should be started. Due to the aqua port this cosmetic bug won't be fixed.

The change of the text in the xterm is an Apple issue. It is nothing to worry about.

Check your X11 preference, and you might be able to fix the command+click.

Control+click is a known bug in the aqua version.