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/opt/openoffice4/program/soffice.bin X11 error: Can't open d

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 4:25 am
by chinacvic
log on via ssh,
centos 7 with openoffice 4.1.2

[root@iZ23iezikfpZ program]# ./soffice --headless --accept="Socket,host=,port=8100;urp;" --nofirstwizard
/opt/openoffice4/program/soffice.bin X11 error: Can't open display:
Set DISPLAY environment variable, use -display option
or check permissions of your X-Server
(See "man X" resp. "man xhost" for details)

Re: /opt/openoffice4/program/soffice.bin X11 error: Can't op

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2015 8:29 am
by Villeroy
You have the exact same problem with any other GUI application. This is not related to OpenOffice.
man ssh and read about X11 forwarding.