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How to set ooffice to open file at the position & size

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:07 am
by xxtcc
I use Ubuntu 10.10 and openoffice 3.2.

I want the openoffice to open all the file at the special position and size and don't remember the last open status. For example, I would like it open and display as x = 50, y = 50, width = 400, height = 600, no matter what file I open (doc, xls, ppt). I'v read the "Window position/size - how can I set these?" and tried some changes, but still can't get what I want.
If need to change the default open position and size, which file and parameter I should change in the source code ? Will be take effect to doc/xls/ppt at the same time? I've already downloaded the aoo4.0.1 source code.

Thanks for all in advance.