NFS problems with Apache Openoffice 3.4.1

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NFS problems with Apache Openoffice 3.4.1

Postby rluque » Tue Sep 04, 2012 10:56 am

When openoffice 3.4.1 is opened from menu or via command line with soffice command it needs a lot of time in order to show the main window of openoffice, this behaviour happens when the home of the user is in a nfs volume. If quickstart is enabled and we open it via this icon the main window of openffice will show inmediately. But If we do double click over a file in order to open it with openoffice is very slow.

In the same machine, using a local user ( without nfs volume ) there is no problem of delays.

In version 3.4.0 this issue doesn't exist.
Ubuntu 12.04/10.10 Apache Openoffice 3.4.0
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