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[Solved] Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 10:17 pm
by thedoctor818
In Lubuntu (12.04) I know I have installed the ghostcript.postcript, and ms fonts. However, most of these (URW Chancery, for instance) are unavailable to me in OOO 3.4. How can I fix this? Thanks.

Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:28 pm
by Robert Tucker
Where have you installed them? My preference is invariably (in a folder in) /usr/share/fonts.

Make sure the permissions are set to allow you to read/use them.



Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:51 pm
by thedoctor818

Thanks for your reply. Even though I have been using Ubuntu for a few years now, I still have some difficulty with installing fonts (LateX, OOO, etc). I just looked in my folder (/usr/share/fonts) and found the following folders:

[Please forgive my ignorance, that is why I am listing what I see there.]

cmpp, truetype, type1, and X11

So how should I proceed from here? Again, i realize I should be better at this by now, but sadly am not. Thanks again for your help.

Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:30 pm
by Robert Tucker
Move or copy all your .ttf fonts (or all of those you want) to folders in /usr/share/font. I usually use Krusader for the job.

Code: Select all   Expand viewCollapse view
$ ls -R /usr/share/fonts
abattis-cantarell  lklug             lohit-tamil       sil-padauk
cjkuni-uming       lohit-assamese    lohit-telugu      smc
default            lohit-bengali     msttcorefonts     stix
dejavu             lohit-devanagari  nhn-nanum         thai-scalable
extras             lohit-gujarati    opensymbol        vlgothic
jomolhari          lohit-kannada     paktype-naqsh     wqy-zenhei
khmeros            lohit-oriya       paratype-pt-sans
liberation         lohit-punjabi     sil-abyssinica

Cantarell-Bold.otf  Cantarell-Regular.otf


ghostscript  Type1

fcyr.afm   fhirw.gsf  fonts.dir    putri.pfa     u003043t.pfm
fcyr.gsf   fhirw.pfm  fonts.scale  putr.pfa      u004006t.afm
fcyri.afm  fkarw.gsf  putbi.pfa    u003043t.afm  u004006t.gsf
fcyri.gsf  fkarw.pfm  putb.pfa     u003043t.gsf  u004006t.pfm

a010013l.afm  b018035l.pfb  n019004l.afm  n021003l.pfb  p052003l.afm
a010013l.pfb  c059013l.afm  n019004l.pfb  n021004l.afm  p052003l.pfb
a010015l.afm  c059013l.pfb  n019023l.afm  n021004l.pfb  p052004l.afm
a010015l.pfb  c059016l.afm  n019023l.pfb  n021023l.afm  p052004l.pfb
a010033l.afm  c059016l.pfb  n019024l.afm  n021023l.pfb  p052023l.afm
a010033l.pfb  c059033l.afm  n019024l.pfb  n021024l.afm  p052023l.pfb
a010035l.afm  c059033l.pfb  n019043l.afm  n021024l.pfb  p052024l.afm
a010035l.pfb  c059036l.afm  n019043l.pfb  n022003l.afm  p052024l.pfb
b018012l.afm  c059036l.pfb  n019044l.afm  n022003l.pfb  s050000l.afm
b018012l.pfb  d050000l.afm  n019044l.pfb  n022004l.afm  s050000l.pfb
b018015l.afm  d050000l.pfb  n019063l.afm  n022004l.pfb  z003034l.afm
b018015l.pfb  fonts.dir     n019063l.pfb  n022023l.afm  z003034l.pfb
b018032l.afm  fonts.scale   n019064l.afm  n022023l.pfb
b018032l.pfb  n019003l.afm  n019064l.pfb  n022024l.afm
b018035l.afm  n019003l.pfb  n021003l.afm  n022024l.pfb

DejaVuSans-BoldOblique.ttf           DejaVuSans-Oblique.ttf
DejaVuSans-Bold.ttf                  DejaVuSans.ttf
DejaVuSansCondensed-BoldOblique.ttf  DejaVuSerif-BoldItalic.ttf
DejaVuSansCondensed-Bold.ttf         DejaVuSerif-Bold.ttf
DejaVuSansCondensed-Oblique.ttf      DejaVuSerifCondensed-BoldItalic.ttf
DejaVuSansCondensed.ttf              DejaVuSerifCondensed-Bold.ttf
DejaVuSans-ExtraLight.ttf            DejaVuSerifCondensed-Italic.ttf
DejaVuSansMono-BoldOblique.ttf       DejaVuSerifCondensed.ttf
DejaVuSansMono-Bold.ttf              DejaVuSerif-Italic.ttf
DejaVuSansMono-Oblique.ttf           DejaVuSerif.ttf

allegro.ttf         MagyarLinLibertineG.ttf
andlso.ttf          exmouth_.ttf               MgOpenCanonica.tar.gz
antquabi.ttf        LateefRegOT.ttf            MgOpenCosmetica.tar.gz
antquab.ttf         MagyarLinBiolinumB.ttf     MgOpenModata.tar.gz
antquai.ttf         MagyarLinBiolinum.ttf      MgOpenModerna.tar.gz
bkant.ttf           MagyarLinLibertineGBI.ttf  ohio.ttf  MagyarLinLibertineGB.ttf   QCF_P196.TTF
code2000.ttf        MagyarLinLibertineGI.ttf   ScheherazadeRegOT.ttf


KhmerOS_content.ttf  KhmerOS_sys.ttf  KhmerOS.ttf

fonts.dir                      LiberationSans-Bold.ttf
fonts.scale                    LiberationSans-Italic.ttf
LiberationMono-BoldItalic.ttf  LiberationSans-Regular.ttf
LiberationMono-Bold.ttf        LiberationSerif-BoldItalic.ttf
LiberationMono-Italic.ttf      LiberationSerif-Bold.ttf
LiberationMono-Regular.ttf     LiberationSerif-Italic.ttf
LiberationSans-BoldItalic.ttf  LiberationSerif-Regular.ttf











andalemo.ttf  comic.ttf     georgiai.ttf  timesi.ttf    verdanai.ttf
arialbd.ttf   courbd.ttf    georgia.ttf   times.ttf     verdana.ttf
arialbi.ttf   courbi.ttf    georgiaz.ttf  trebucbd.ttf  verdanaz.ttf
ariali.ttf    couri.ttf     impact.ttf    trebucbi.ttf  webdings.ttf
arial.ttf     cour.ttf      tahoma.ttf    trebucit.ttf
ariblk.ttf    fonts.dir     timesbd.ttf   trebuc.ttf
comicbd.ttf   georgiab.ttf  timesbi.ttf   verdanab.ttf

NanumGothicBold.ttf  NanumGothicExtraBold.ttf  NanumGothic.ttf



PTN57F.ttf  PTN77F.ttf  PTS55F.ttf  PTS56F.ttf  PTS75F.ttf  PTS76F.ttf


Padauk-Bold.ttf  Padauk.ttf


STIXGeneralBolIta.otf  STIXGeneralItalic.otf
STIXGeneralBol.otf     STIXGeneral.otf

Waree-BoldOblique.ttf  Waree-Bold.ttf  Waree-Oblique.ttf  Waree.ttf



Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:18 pm
by thedoctor818
So, if I understand you correctly, I can copy that code into a terminal and run it? How then (for instance) could I add URW Chancery to that?

Thanks a lot!!!

Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 3:31 pm
by RoryOF

Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:53 pm
by thedoctor818
RoryOF, thanks for your help - that did the trick. Thanks again.

Re: Cannot load fonts in OOO

PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:54 pm
by Robert Tucker
thedoctor818 wrote:So, if I understand you correctly, I can copy that code into a terminal and run it?

No that is just a listing of the directories and fonts they contain on my computer to give a basic idea of how they can be arranged. All you need to do to install a "modern" ttf (truetype) is copy it to the /usr/share/font folder or any folder within it or any folder within a folder within it and that is all. You will need to have root permissions to copy into /usr/share/fonts of course. You can use the cp command at the command line or you can install Krusader or something like it and run that as root. You need to make sure that you have permission to read the font file in /usr/share/fonts as a user.