How Does OOo Recognize a JRE?

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How Does OOo Recognize a JRE?

Postby pdxlooie » Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:42 pm

OO 3.3.0
OOO330m20 Build 9567
Installed on Slackware 13.1.

The tool shows the JRE as being installed in /usr/lib/gcj-4.2.4, a directory that has just these files in it.

classmap.db libjvm.a

Attempts to add the current JRE fail with the message that no JRE was found in that directory. I have JDK 1.7 installed. Pointing to /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/jre, /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/jre/bin, &c all fail with the same message, "The folder you selected does not contain a Jara runtime environment." Hence the question: what DOES constitute a Java runtime environment, in the view of OO? Because it seems to me like the pointer should go to the top-level directory, /usr/local/jdk-1.7.0/jre. But, I'm wrong.


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Re: How Does OO Recognize a JRE?

Postby PGAGA » Mon Oct 31, 2011 4:08 pm

October 31, 2011

At this point in time there is no OOo build which recognizes Java 7 (although the current LO RC may have it - I am downloading now). This is due to how Java 7 declares itself. There are two (if I remember the number correctly) OOo files which need to be modified for OOo to find it.

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