W10 How to get back the WinShell New function in toto?

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W10 How to get back the WinShell New function in toto?

Postby boardbro » Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:08 pm

Long ago I could right-click blank space and choose New>>OpenOffice Calc Doc and all the handful of possibilities. Now I am using W10 and not sure that ever was the case here but yes it must have been because I still have New>>OpenOffice Drawing in the shell list - but that's the only one. The rest have been high-jacked by M/S Office, a trial product which I don't want (also works with limited functionality until registered). I want to fully rid Windows Shell of that product's mention at all. Now in previous PCs of mine you could control that feature of OpenOffice by re-running the installer and making an option choice (archaic, probably not here) or by employing TweakUI CPL and specifying your wants, if I recall. But TweakUI won't install right in my W10 and of course why should it, now that W10 has changed everything. So how please? How can I possibly get back the full set of NEW>>OpenOffice Document choices and get rid of M/S office? Many thanks!
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