Complete NOOB needing major help!

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Complete NOOB needing major help!

Postby benjammo » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:05 am

I've recently started my own business doing vehicle security, trackers etc...
as well as myself fitting vehicle security I'm wanting to employ some staff to install trackers so I'm wanting a database that they can go onto and only see the relevant info to them.

I'm wanting to have a nice database where I can have my customers info, product info, jobs, quotes, invoices, staff info etc...

I've been trying to do something for about 2 months now, but I just do not get it, I used to be pretty good at excel when I was at collage, but thats going back maybe 12-15 years ago

I'm wantign a nice interface, not just a spread sheet if that makes seance, or if its even possible.

what I'm wanting to have is:

Customer database

customer id
business name
contact name
phone number
invoicing email
privet or trade

Stock database

item location
item stock number
reorder quantity
consumable or stock
linked “bundled” items (example alarm + shock + tracker + 3x relays, 3 contacts)
retail price
assigned to (insurance trackers given to fitters in bulk)

Staff database
Staff number
phone number
next of kin name, address, phone number, relation
driving licence photo
id photo
start date
finish date
user name & password
contract & signature

stock (excluding consumables) sales increase/decrease (daily, weekly, monthly, ¼ annual)
invoices , 28 day invoices – standard letters
stock to reorder- supplier, item number, quantity, unit cost

quote number (self populating
customer info (new customer or existing customer option with search)
workshop or mobile fit
date to fit
job description
stock to be used (not deducted from database)
price per item
est time
labour price (est time x Price per hour)
price before vat, vat, after vat

job number (self populating)
contract number (if insurance black box)
customer info
fitting location address
fitting customer info (insurance box customer name, phone number address)
job description
stock used
price per item
est time actual time
price before vat, vat, price inc vat discount
customer signed, electronic signature on tablet

user interfaces:
insurance box fitter:
job number
staff number
fitting at address
insurers customer phone number
device serial number fitted
unit location (maybe top view and side view of car with grid box to select)
customers signature (sign on tablet)
photo of installation
notes ( this area could be used for the insurance customers info??)

General fit
job number
staff number
workshop or mobile fit
customer info
job info
stock to be used
customer signature (on tablet)

customer database (to make amendments)
stock database (to make amendments)
staff database (to make amendments)
quote database (to make amendments)
job database (to make amendments)

Can anybody either point me in the right direction to a template that maybe something like what I'm after, or does anybody think they can make what I'm after? I'm happy to pay for the database and if anybody is around South Yorkshire, England I'd love to meet up and discuss what I need.

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Re: complete NOOB needing major help!

Postby RoryOF » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:18 am

Don't do this! Find an old copy of a business package (and manual) and use it. You are embarking on a task equivalent to learning a foreign language so that you can write a major novel in it.

I found Quickbooks easy to use, in the days when I did accounts and ran a business. There are other packages (Sage comes to mind, but I never could or needed to master it).
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Re: complete NOOB needing major help!

Postby John_Ha » Sat Nov 17, 2018 12:10 pm

I wholeheartedly second Rory's comment - do not attempt to create a business package yourself. If you were to write a book, would you first develop a word processor? Or would it be best to use an existing word processor?

Your business could easily fail due to an unforeseen error in your design. You could break the law if you don't keep the tax liabilities up to date.

See Trying to build an invoicing database for a travel agency, Small Business Database and How to make database design for booking system?

Buy a package - they cost a few pounds per month.
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Re: complete NOOB needing major help!

Postby eremmel » Sun Nov 18, 2018 4:28 pm

I'll not repeat the good advises. I guess there is a branch organization in your country for your line of business. Consult them for the best-fit package to use. You will loose so much time when you try to save money by doing your non-core activities yourself; invest some money for a sound advice. You started already well, because this was all free!
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