[Solved] Need to link to specific messages sent via Firefox

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[Solved] Need to link to specific messages sent via Firefox

Postby dreamquartz » Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:58 am

Hi All,

Our Client is requesting the following:
Can the HSQLDB store a hyperlink to a specific message sent to one of their clients?

The DataBase stores all the information and therefore also Notes about clients.
Once a month our Client produces a list, generated by their DataBase, about who to sent a status email.
This list is being forwarded to an other person, and that person is using Thunderbird to send the status update.
However it is not known in the DataBase if, and more importantly what has been sent to their client(s).

What our Client wants to be able to is, via the DataBase, link to the client specific email that was sent.

Is something like this possible?


12/07/2018; CLOSED because there is no way to do this.
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Re: Need to link to specific messages sent via Firefox

Postby robleyd » Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:27 am

The real question here seems to be:

Does Thunderbird provide a way to access information about a particular message(s) from a remote system.

An alternative approach could be to cc the emails to an accessible address, from which the email can be readily accessed; perhaps a script to insert the email into a DB; or to store it as a text file with a link inserted in the DB.
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