Forms - several groups and centering

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Forms - several groups and centering

Postby arfgh » Fri Oct 13, 2017 2:30 pm

Recently i have been messing with the froms group of controls, and thx to a single group that is grouping all the elementos on the form, we can obtain a very werll aligned groups vertical and horizontal depending of the window size. It is true that centering fail a bit returning to window mode from maximized window, because the vertical scroll bar keeps and the group isnt centering on the window size...

Once i created the single group of controls, that is the whole form design, we can locate it as the first Shape object using MRI. That gave me an idea....

The question is when we create 2 groups. We cant get automatically centered horizonal and vertical both groups keeping the space between them. One get over the other. So, is there a way to have a group into other, into other, etc, and have the groups into the others centered into the first ? is the answer is positive, how ?

Is there a way to programatically create groups ? exist other thing than the groups that can act like controls container like seems to do the groups ?

Why i want to have more than 1 group ? just to easily hide and show group content depending of the context. I will be so easy to make visible or not one group depending of the context, instead to have a loop that will require some time depending of the amount of form controls we have.

some way ?
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