Numerator/denominator distance fro fraction bar

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Numerator/denominator distance fro fraction bar

Postby DWFII » Mon Feb 15, 2010 4:19 am

I like to use over-under fractions.

Math is quite capable of doing this but I cannot get the numerator and denominator to close up on the fraction bar. I have located the window where that distance can be set but it is already at zero for both numbers. And there is still quite a bit of space between the fraction bar and the numbers. More than I want, more than is necessary.

Is there a way in this version that this can be adjusted? I am guessing not but perhaps some of the fine folks who work on this could make some changes in the next version...ideally you ought to be able to tighten up a fraction almost to the point where the numbers are touching the fraction bar.

In passing, I will add why I think this is necessary...if you are composing text that has the line spacing fairly tight and need to insert a fraction, the fraction will take up so much room that the line spacing will open up or the next line of text will be on top of the denominator.
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Re: Numerator/denominator distance fro fraction bar

Postby acknak » Mon Feb 15, 2010 6:07 pm

You can adjust that, and lots of other spacings, in OOo Math: Format > Spacing > Category: Fractions.

Unfortunately, the default spacing seems to be as tight as it will go: "0%".

You can always submit a request for enhancement; maybe it would be possible for Math to accept a negative value there. [Tutorial] Reporting bugs or suggestions

Other than that, all I can suggest is using a slash: 2/3, or making your own fractions as graphic objects.
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