[Solved] "Selection" means what?

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[Solved] "Selection" means what?

Postby aaronchall » Fri Sep 11, 2009 4:25 am

I've been very frustrated looking for the floating window thingy that is very important to new users of Math, but that also seems to get in the way with nothing else to do with it but close it. Naming it "Selection" and placing it under the "View" menu doesn't help new users much. They're looking for it in the menus, they don't know the exact name they are looking for, and looking under "View" they see "Selection" they think "I don't need to view my selection, I haven't selected anything anyways. I just need the floating window thingy with the symbols and signs in it."

So this is the second time the stupid thingy has eluded me for hours on end, and I have a decent IQ. Sure I made do without it (I was tutoring someone online from out of town) but it was incredibly frustrating to know exactly what I needed and not have it there for me because it was given an incredibly ambiguous name.

Can this be fixed in the next release?

I'm sorry if I seem bitchy, I'm just really frustrated because in addition the cord to my AC adapter for my laptop is not making a connection, and while Dell would love to sell me a $100 replacement, I'm not buying (besides, why can't I just replace the cord?). Please forgive me if I offend.

PS I know this isn't customer support, BUT as a new user, perhaps I could be nudged in the right direction regarding how to constructively advise the developers on what I see as a design flaw. Also, thanks for listening.
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Re: "Selection" means what?

Postby acknak » Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:33 am

Hey, we've all been there: No worries. Welcome to the forum!

See this: viewtopic.php?p=101640#p101640
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Re: "Selection" means what?

Postby RGB » Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:35 am

On development build 300m57 it is called "Formula elements" ;)
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