How to draw process flow, or Sankey, diagrams

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How to draw process flow, or Sankey, diagrams

Postby rene » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:21 pm

This is a brief tutorial to produce a process flow diagram.

Start the Draw program (terminal commands 'soffice -sdraw' or 'sdraw')

If necessary, open the toolbar 'drawing' (menu bar 'view', 'toolbars', 'drawing')

Select the function 'block arrows' from the toolbar 'drawing' and choose 'circular arrows'

Use the mouse device to draw the circular arrow

Use the yellow 'handle' circles of the block arrow to adjust the shape, for example to reduce to 90 °.

Adjust the size of the arrows according to scale using the menu bar option 'format', 'position and size' (or keyboard button F4). For example if a block arrow of width 30 mm is to represent 100 % input flow, a block arrow to represent 90 % output flow would be adjusted to a size width 27 mm.
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