AOO 4.1 to Bring Enhanced Accessibility Support

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AOO 4.1 to Bring Enhanced Accessibility Support

Postby RGB » Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:03 pm

Rob Weir on the mailing list wrote:Our latest blog post: ... ice_4_1_to

This accessibility code has now been integrated into the trunk. This
is a great step forward. If you refresh yourself on our posted Public
Service Mission, you see that accessibility is a key priority for us:

This code came from IBM's contribution of Lotus Symphony, but much
effort was required to integrate it into OpenOffice. Our thanks go to
Steve Yin for the development work and to V Stuart Foote, James Teh,
Jean-Philippe Mengual and Liu Ping for their expertise on testing.
(And profuse apologies if I missed anyone)


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