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[Solved] LibreOffice menu drop downs blank

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:24 pm
by hexie
I am having a bad day and need some help.

I just downloaded LibreOffice 6.0 and I was able to open an existing Open Office document but all the drop down menus from buttons are just blank grey boxes. For a moment, I had something on insert table and I create 1 column 2 row, but that was it, menus then disappeared again. I can create a new doc but still not able to do anything because all menus blank and none of the buttons work.

I have downloaded Libre Office to replace Open Office 4.1.5 which I have used for many years but over this last week keeps jamming up, particularly using copy/paste, before resorting to Libre Office, I tried to update Open Office but got a message: Error reading data from the Internet. Server error message: .

I am working on a research report so there is much copying and pasting of gathered material. I have a time limit on the report, so the problems are now causing me grief.

Whilst I am not techy skilled, I can usually sort out most issues with care and patience but this is defeating me.

I have not got any other problems with the pc.

Should I uninstall & reinstall one or both?? or is they something I have missed.

Any help or advice would be welcome


Re: LibreOffice menu drop downs blank

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 2:50 pm
by RoryOF
Probably disable LibreOffice's use of OpenGL fonts

Re: LibreOffice menu drop downs blank

PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:07 pm
by hexie
Thank you for a speedy reply, I'm not sure what or where LibreOffice's use of OpenGL fonts are.

However, since I posted the problem, things have moved on.

I decided to give up and get some lunch as the messing about all morning had given me a bad headache. As I shut down the pc, a message appeared- a windows update download, which took ages and several restarts. It then when into configure updates and finally (a new one to me) 'assemble updates'. Took ages after that to restart, but when it did I opened LibreOffice and can now see drop down menus.

I suspect the windows update coincided with my install, it may also be a factor in whatever was wrong with Open office.

I will check it all out and if any problem still exists, I will post afresh.

Meanwhile, I shall have a lie down to recover my head, so I can then think straight to finish my report.

My first ever message to a forum, somewhat reassuring to have a such a quick reply.

Thank you.