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LibreOffice 5.4 has been released

PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 9:29 pm
by Villeroy
IMHO, the most outstanding new feature is pivot charts. I've been missing this since OOo version one. The new feature is undocumented and without any GUI. Click a cell in a pivot table and create a chart. The chart is linked to the pivot cache, series from column fields, categories (x-axis) from row fields, plotted values from data fields.
From a simple pivot with categories, aggregated values and dates grouped by years you can plot years by categories, categories by years and values by combined categories and years simply by dragging around the pivot fields. The chart always includes the full set of values regardless of the layout.
On the chart you have instances of the filter buttons for page, row and column fields.
This is a very elegant solution. I rebuilt 3 of my charts without any issues. The former versions of these charts required a manual adjustment every month since the pivot tables grew by one row per month.