Count down timer in presentation (visible to audience)

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Count down timer in presentation (visible to audience)

Postby MikaelJohansen » Sun Sep 15, 2019 12:54 pm

Hello all

I'm looking for at way to use a count down timer (1 hour, HH:MM:SS) on a slide in a presentation. I'm aware of the possibility to create timers using animation/transitions, but 1 hour in 1 sec intervals is a lot of transitions... Also I would like to "leave" the slide once i a while to show another slide and then get back to the timer (which continued while other slide was visible)

I don't know if its possible to embed a timer from the internet or find some kind of plugin.

If anyone is interested it's for an escape-room we are doing for our local scout group. The functionality should be to have text slides with hints and information, a timer slide, and ability to show video clips. Impress might not be the best solution so any suggestions would be welcome

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