Another Text Animation Issue

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Another Text Animation Issue

Postby Brak » Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:10 am

Ok, I think I found yet another bug. :(

I have a sequence of "text appears" on a slide. I have it set up so that a couple lines appear with a single click.
This works perfectly on my Win machine. When I open it on my Mac in 3.0.0. it works perfectly.

But when I open it in 4.1.5 it doesn't - it ignores what I have set up and actually has certain lines appear with others that I didn't have set up to do so, with seemingly no rhyme nor reason.

I created a test file in which I have each line stating what is supposed to happen.
If you look at the Custom Animation Tasks you will see that it is set up correctly.
Test file
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