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[Solved] Ensure presentation with video works on AOO and LO

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 5:44 pm
by John_Ha
I want to put a video into a presentation and be sure that the presentation will work when the presentation is opened by either AOO or LO.

I cannot use MP4 because AOO does not support MP4 files.

I can use AVI or WMV and either works fine in AOO ... but LO 6.0 does not play the video - it just plays the sound. :crazy:

Any suggestions?

One thought is to put a link in the presentation where the link points to the video file and plays it. Has anyone got that to work?

Or is there a video format which both AOO and LO support where LO plays the video as well as the sound? There are on-line sites where you can change (almost?) any video format into any other.

Re: Ensure presentation with video will work on AOO and LO

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:08 pm
by John_Ha
I am not quite sure what I did but it works now. I have

- created a presentation with AOO where I linked a .avi and a .wmv - you cannot insert a .mp4 into AOO.
- created a presentation with LO where I linked a .avi, a .wmv and a .mp4
- used AOO to create a .ppt file from the AOO linked file with the .avi and the .wmv.

I can play any file with AOO or LO and the video plays except, as expected, the mp4 does not when the presentation is played back in AOO.

Re: [Solved]Ensure presentation with video works on AOO and

PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:40 pm
by RoryOF
To play an MP4 (a clunky method) one can use a hyperlink to the file; this will invoke the system video player. However, that is not a suitable method for a presentation being given by a third (i,e. computer inexperienced) party, as the video presenter has to be turned off or minimised, and the extra handling needed also is clunky and might destroy the flow of the presentation; the presenter's computer skills might not extend to that. This also depends on the host computer being able to play MP4 videos, which cannot be assumed.

I use this (on linux systems) but am showing substantial clips (say 5 mins) usually to a tame audience, so the clunkiness is less obvious and I get away with it. A new version of OO is investigating methods of correctly permitting video insertion; I have no release date for that version. My simple tests - pressure of time at present prevent more indepth testing - show the preliminary version to work correctly with the videos I have used.