Relationship between outlines and levels

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Relationship between outlines and levels

Postby haruspex » Sat Feb 10, 2018 12:33 am

I am mystified by the interface for customising indentations.
I go to the master slide and see lines successively indented. I bring up the styles and formatting menu (F11).
I click on one of the text lines and that selects a corresponding outline in the menu. Say I selected outline 2.
I alt click on the outline level and it gives me the "modify" option, which I select.
A box appears with "Outline 2" at top left.
If I click the "customise" tab then a list of levels, 1-10, appears on the left (and a "1-10" entry at the bottom).
Here's what I do not get: what is the relationship between these levels and the outline levels?

An experiment:
I select outline 1 in the styles menu and "customise". The list of levels appears with the current indentations and bullets shown to the right. Level 1 is not indented and has no bullet; level 2 indented, no bullet; level 3 further indented with bullet; and so on.
I quit that and select outline 2, modify.
The levels list now shows level 2 as not indented, no bullet, so it looks like level 1 in outline 1. Level 1 in outline 2 is bizarre: indented way over to the right with a chevron bullet.
Similarly, as I select different outlines the pattern of bullets and indents for different levels is different each time.

So, it's like "an outline" is a style of bulleting an entire slide, and these styles can be set independently. Except, that conflicts with two things:
1. that clicking on different levels in the master slide autoselects different outlines in the styles list.
2. I tried this... click on the second line, "second outline level", in the master slide;
"Outline 2" gets autoselected in the styles menu.
Select Modify in outline 2
In the customise panel, level 2 is autoselected
I change it from no bullet to bulleted
The first line in the master slide immediately adopts the format specified for level 1 in outline 2, i.e. it jumps across to the right and gain a chevron bullet.

So can someone explain how this is supposed to work? Why is there an entire list of levels within each outline, and how do the settings for these under different outlines interact?
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Re: Relationship between outlines and levels

Postby Bidouille » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:31 pm

Perhaps if you attach a sample document, we could understand...
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