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Prevent animations from going back to normal in transitions

PostPosted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:44 pm
by oliver2854
I've searched the internet thin for an answer to this question, but i can't find anything about it. The problem is that when go through my animations on a slide, everything plays out perfectly as it should, they appear as the should, and they moves as they should. The part that annoys me, is that when I go to the next slide, with a "fade to black" transition, all of my animations goes back to their original state just before fading out. I'd hope that there might be a way to get the animations to stay in their new state, as it looks quite stupid and unprofessional the other way.
It isn't really a bug, i guess, because it would kind of make sense that it happens. I would however love to know, if there by any chance is a way to prevent it, or get around it in some way. Does someone by any chance know a way to do this?