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How to integrate new bullet into animated list?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:49 am
by haruspex
I have a bulleted list already animated, some stages requiring click.
I want to insert a bullet into the list and include it seamlessly in the animation. By default it is not animated.
When I animate it, I find that a duplicate set of animations for the entire list is created, with the new bullet included in that. It shows up as "+"; clicking on the plus expands the list of added animations.
The only bypass I have found is to delete all the animations and animate the list from scratch.

Re: How to integrate new bullet into animated list?

PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 6:05 pm
by Bidouille
Did you talking about a color change for bullet?
AOO don't support this kind of animation:

Re: How to integrate new bullet into animated list?

PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:59 pm
by haruspex
No, I am doing exactly what I wrote.
I have a bulleted list. I have animated it so that each time I click the next 1 or two bullets appear.
I now want to insert a bullet somewhere in the list. If i do that but do not edit the animation then the new bullet will appear, in its correct place in the slide, as soon as the slide comes up, so much too soon.
So I select the new line and choose to animate it. But this seems to take a copy of all the animations on the slide and insert it at the end of the animations list as a nested animation. So e.g. if the first line on the slide reads "How do I animate a new bullet?" then in the animations list on the right I see all the preexisting animations (starting with "How do I animate a new bullet?"), and at the bottom a new animations line consisting of a clickable "+" followed by "How do I animate a new bullet?". If I click on the "+" then it expands to show all the same animations as in the lines above, with the new text line included.
Why doesn't it just add the new line at the end?

I notice that if a create a new slide consisting of some hierarchy of bullets, no animations yet, and try to animate just one line of it then the same happens: it creates a nested animation for the whole hierarchy of bullets. I can see this could be useful in that context, but it is a royal pain when just trying to add one line in an existing animation.