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Open a Certain File

Postby Blue_Leader » Sun May 25, 2008 10:10 pm


I'm trying to have Impress open up a certain file (in this case, a .WMA) when a button is clicked. This file will be included with the presentation.
When this button is clicked it should open up the .WMA in a media player, of course. And it works fine on my PC, but it wont work if I send the file to another person. What I mean is, for the file to be opened it must be located on C:\My Documents\Projects\Presentations\music.wma. Obviously this location wont be the same on another person's computer.

In other programs I've simply been able to set the path as "\music.wma" and it would play the file as long as it was in the same folder as the file trying to open it, no matter where the folder containing the program and the music was located on the computer. But this doesn't seem to work in Impress-- instead, whenever I use "\music.wma" as a location it just tells me it can't find the file.
So I was wondering if anyone knew of a way I could get this to work? The .WMA file needs to be able to be opened and played on another computer no matter where it's stored; and that's the problem I'm having.

Any help or ideas would be much appreciated.
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Re: Open a Certain File

Postby Villeroy » Sun May 25, 2008 11:09 pm

Did you try? I never embedded any multimedia, but I use pictures quite often. As far as I know all paths are relative even if they are shown as absolute ones.
Check it out. Save your document in another directory, move the media file to the same relative location. If the old media file was in sub-directory ./media/ create the same directory below the new location.
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Re: Open a Certain File

Postby Blue_Leader » Mon May 26, 2008 3:25 am

Of course I tried it... I said I tried it. >>;;

This is what I have...
I have the Impress presentation file in a folder called "Business Class". In that same folder is my .WMA called "musicTrack.wma".
Than in the presentation I have a button asking if the person wants to start to turn the music off or on. If they click "On" the button has an interaction for "action at mouse click" that says to "run program", and the program path is set to "\musicTrack.wma". But this gives me an error message saying "file:///musicTrack.wma. The specified path does not exist".

If I use the browse it sets the path to "C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\My Documents\College Work\Business Class\musicTrack.wma". But this path wouldn't be right if it was on someone else's computer-- it's extremely unlikely they'd extract it to a location called "C:\Documents and Settings\Alex\My Documents\School Work\Business Class". So I've been trying to set it up to load simply from the folder that the music track is in, which usually works everywhere else with "\musicTrack.wma" but it doesn't seem to here...
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