Automatically entering text in Impress

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Automatically entering text in Impress

Postby Cyberman » Sun May 25, 2008 1:26 am

I'm trying to set up a system for work, where some daily information will be displayed on a screen in the meeting room (such as sales, budgets, etc)...

I have a 'template' presentation set up in Impress, but need to find a way to get the information automatically filled in (for example, one screen will display the sales for the last day, budget for the day, and last years sales), which will be pulled off either a Excel/Calc file, or a txt file, then placed in the appropriate spot in the presentation (which will be running all day in the room).

It's not feasible to manually enter the data each day, so I'm trying to find an automated way of doing this. I had a look at the macro system, and I found some ways of doing something similar in Write (using a find and replace type macro), but the same macro doesn't work in Impress.

Any ideas how I could get this accomplished?
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