OO Impress Files Open as "Read-Only"

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OO Impress Files Open as "Read-Only"

Postby badgerd » Wed May 14, 2008 5:56 pm

I am an OO newbie and am somewhat frustrated by what is probably an easy fix. I am using the latest OO version downloaded 5/12/08, running WinXP. My original file was done in MS PowerPoint. OO opened the file and allowed me to edit it just fine. I then saved it using "Save As" and selecting MS PowerPoint .ppt file type. Later, when opening that file, I was unable to edit it and the file name notation at the top indicated it was [Read-Only]. When I saved the file with a new name (using "Save As"), I could then immediately edit it.

How can I avoid the extra step of saving it with a new name every time I want to edit my existing file?
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Re: OO Impress Files Open as "Read-Only"

Postby Phil » Thu May 15, 2008 10:12 am

Hi and welcome to the community!

I cannot reproduce this with version 2.4.0 on Win XP Pro SP2.
Did you download the same version or maybe the new 3.0 Beta version?

badgerd wrote:Later, when opening that file, I was unable to edit it

How did you open the file: By clicking on it in Windows Explorer, or via the OpenOffice menus?

Sometimes OpenOffice keeps files open wwich could lead to this bheavior.
So you could try to close the OpenOffice processes altogether by closing all its windows and additionally ending also the quickstarter (via the icon in the system tray) if it is active.

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