Impress running macro

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NZ Jim
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Impress running macro

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I am going to run Impress for a display at a local club. With a slide show running in auto is it possible to trigger a macro each time the slide changes? I would like to use the output pins from the parallel port to operate lights highlighting different parts of the display as the show runs. I am NOT a programmer, but am willing to try writing a macro.
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Re: Impress running macro

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Yes, a macro can be triggered each time a slide transition happens. There is a SlideShowListener that can be added to the slide show and it will respond to a variety of events. You can see the kinds of events in the names of the sub routines. Here is some simple code that just prints "Slide Transition Started" for each slide.

Code: Select all

Sub addListener
Doc = ThisComponent
Presentation = Doc.Presentation
Listener = createUnoListener("EV_","")
Controller = Presentation.Controller

end sub

Sub EV_paused(oEv)
End Sub

Sub EV_resumed(oEv)
End Sub

Sub EV_slideTransitionStarted(oEv)
Print "Transition Started"
End Sub

Sub EV_slideTransitionEnded(oEv)
End Sub

Sub EV_slideAnimationEnded(oEv)
End Sub

Sub EV_slideEnded(oEv)
End Sub

Sub EV_hyperLinkClicked(oEv)
End Sub

Sub EV_disposing(oEv)
End Sub
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