pasting data table from calc

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pasting data table from calc

Postby researchgene » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:05 am

Hi all

I have data in a calc table, and want to paste it to impress, so I can make a chart.

When I use Impress, I'l click on a chart, and then I can click on the chart data table, which is on the upper menu line, second from the right. This is the data in Impress that is used to make the chart.

But when I do this, one of the chart data table cells is already highlighted, in my case, the "row 1" cell that is upper most to the left and top. If I try to past a table from calc, all of the data gets pasted into that one cell.

If I click out of that cell, say in the upper left of the impress data table, no cell is highlighted, but when I do control-v or use the paste in the menu, nothing gets pasted.

I just got a new compter, with vista, I'm on a compaq laptop. Is this a vista problem? Or is there something I'm missing? Or might I have some odd data set? In calc, I'm importing an excel file.



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Re: pasting data table from calc

Postby acknak » Sun Mar 02, 2008 2:42 am

I don't think you can copy data from a spreadsheet and paste it into a chart that's in a different application.

Just create the chart in Calc, then copy/paste the chart into your Impress slide. The spreadsheet data needed for the chart will be copied and embedded with the chart in Impress.
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