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Insert Java Applet into Impress Slide Show

Postby Zen Biker Maniac » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:16 am

Windows XP Pro, OpenOffice 2.3, Sun Java jre 1.6.0_03
I would like to run a Java applet in an Impress Slide Show.
I have read the Help page - Java
When I follow the instructions: Tools - Options - - Java
Impress detects that I have JRE installed.
I add the applet details: Insert - Object - Applet ...
supplying the Class and its Location.
I also insert the Options: width="200" height="300"
The applet I am using is a simple graphic that I often use for testing.
Object 1 shows in the Normal view but the slide is blank in the Slide Show.
I have searched the Forum and used Google but have found nothing.
I would be grateful for any help or advice.
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Re: Insert Java Applet into Impress Slide Show

Postby acknak » Sun Mar 02, 2008 1:45 am

Embedded Java applets were supported at one time, and some menus may still mention them, but they are not currently supported. I believe the plan is to completely remove support for them.

PS: I think that last sentence is wrong. Here's the relevant issue: Issue 49357: Plugin objects & applets don't play in Slide Show mode, which seems to be getting attention toward fixing it, which would mean that applet support is not being removed.

Anyone know for sure either way?
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