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Adding movie clips to Impress

Postby Maurice » Thu Feb 21, 2008 6:28 pm

Similar problem to the thread started about Win XP, so apologies for starting a new one but I am using Win 2K Pro (on a home build machine with Intel quad core and 2 GB RAM). The presentation I have made looks good with still pictures, created slides and music covering multiple transitions and works fine in slide show until I try to add movie clips. All the clips play fine in "normal" view but when I go to slide show some work, some don't - the symptoms are the same - it either works OK or you just get a brief flash of the opening as a still and then a black screen (one clip with music plays the music OK but no movie). The really bugging thing is it is not consistent - one that works on one occasion won't on the next ! I tried to load the clip offered by a reply to the XP thread and although that played fine as a stand-alone in MediaPlayer, it did not work in Impress and locked up the machine. A quick check of CPU and Memory shows CPU running very low and memory under 20% used. Is this a feature of trying to use too many clips in one presentation? Any help welcomed !

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Re: Adding movie clips to Impress

Postby saphil » Sat Mar 08, 2008 4:56 pm

Have you checked to see if the movie clips are all the same format, or do some formats work better than others?

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