Poor Design for Slide Templating

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Poor Design for Slide Templating

Postby yoshscout » Mon Jan 14, 2008 4:17 am

I would like to express my absolute frustration at the poor design of Impress in relation to Templates. A right click -> set background -> from file is the obvious choice. It is ridiculous to a new user. What ever happened to software being self explanatory?

I understand its free and open source and I don't have to use it, but this was not the kind of bug you want to go notify the devs about. This design was the kind that makes you want to scream.

If the intention is to deter users, this is the best thing that could be done.

By the way, here is the procedure:

1) Go to Format / Area (Yes, believe me! We start going to “Format Area” )

2) Choose BITMAPS on the window and click the Import button

3) Name your imported bitmap

4) Go to View / Master / Slide Master (Shouldn’t it be Master Slide?)

5) Right click on a free area of the slide and go to Slide / Page Setup

6) On the background tab, choose bitmaps from the drop-down menu and select your previously created bitmap.

7) Find a way to tell OO developers that it is a terrible way to select a background.

The quick fix would be to put text in the slide -> page setup -> background screen that says to import a background go to format -> area -> background. The obvious is to put an add button that sends you to format -> area -> background.
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Re: Poor Design for Slide Templating

Postby acknak » Mon Jan 14, 2008 6:04 am

It sounds like this list may be of some interest to you: Some new features coming in OOo 2.4.0, especially the eighth one down:
Insert picture background for Impress slides
This was really hard to do, but now it's a simple context-menu item. Very slick. Plays well with master slides too.
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