Dual Monitor Default Location Saving

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Dual Monitor Default Location Saving

Postby tomwilliford » Fri Jan 11, 2008 6:05 pm

Hello all,

I am running dual monitors in Windows 2000 on a GeForce FX5200 series card. I want to be able to run Impress on the second monitor (monitor2) as well as the slide show mode (when you press F5) on monitor2. By default, the slide show mode presents on the Windows default monitor (monitor1). There is an option to change it to display on monitor2 but when my users reboot it doesn't keep these settings. Also, since the folder we are presenting from is read only the "Slide Show Settings..." is greyed out so I have to create a new junk presentation on the desktop, set the presentation monitor to monitor2, and then save the file.

My question is this... How do you keep the default setting for any and all presentations on monitor2? In the documentation it says that the "[The Presentation Monitor] setting is saved in the user configuration and not inside the document.", but I can't pin down WHERE it's saved

I have googled and searched for this and I can't locate an answer and due to the completely computer-illerate nature of the end users, this needs to "just work" like I want. Ideas/Suggestions?

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Re: Dual Monitor Default Location Saving

Postby acknak » Mon Jan 14, 2008 12:06 am

I can't tell you for sure, but maybe this will get you started.

Look for a file in the user's OOo configuration, called "ImpressWindowState.xcu". In there, look for a property called "Display". Here's the documentation for it:

<prop oor:name="Display" oor:type="xs:int">
<desc>Number of the display used for full screen slide show mode.</desc>
<label>Display for full screen slide show mode</label>
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