Template For 4" x 2.25" label

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Template For 4" x 2.25" label

Post by RonGlick »

I have been trying to locate a template for 4" x 2.25" labels for Open Office, and though I have come across a PDF version (which Open Office will not open), I cannot find an importable template. Can anyone send me in the right direction to download one...?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Template For 4" x 2.25" label

Post by robleyd »

If you can't find a suitable template, perhaps you could make your own label page using File | New | Labels. There is more information on Printing Labels in the Apache OpenOffice Wiki
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Re: Template For 4" x 2.25" label

Post by thomasjk »

Peruse the WorldLable site https://www.worldlabel.com/Templates/op ... mplate.htm. You may find one here you can adapt.
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Re: Template For 4" x 2.25" label

Post by MrProgrammer »

RonGlick wrote:I have been trying to locate a template for 4" x 2.25" labels for Open Office …
No one can help you find or create a template because you have not provided enough information. When you purchase labels, the pages usually contain multiple labels organized in rows and columns. You did not indicate how many rows and columns are in your label pages. You did not indicate your page size. You did not indicate the spacing (pitch) between labels in your pages, vertically and horizontally. You did not indicate the placement (margins) of the upper left label on your page.

Use File → New → Labels → Labels. There you can choose from many built-in brands and label types. If you cannot find the brand and/or type you have, you can provide the specifications for your labels using File → New → Labels → Format. Simply get a ruler and measure your labels. You do not need to look for a template someone else has created because you can provide all of that information yourself.
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