[Tutorial] Column totals in report

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[Tutorial] Column totals in report

Post by witchdoctor »

( using regular tools and menus)

There are so many blind alleys, this tutorial strives to familiarize other newbies by doing.

Start a new data base naming it "trial"

While proceeding leave everything in default mode unless otherwise noted.

In Design mode use wizard to create simple table with two fields "ITEM" AND "AMOUNT". For "amount" field type toggle arrow and select "Decimal". Go to "field properties" below and click on the box with triple dots and select "currency".

Exit and go to " Forms " and "create form using wizard". Then run and enter several lines of data. NOTE: you must manually enter
the ID number shown below for each row.

Exit and go to Query using wizard to create a query. Table should be "trial". In first screen select ONLY the "amount" field or procedure won't work. Click " next" for screens 2,3,and 4. In screen 5. "Alias" you must delete "amount" from the "Alias" field before proceeding or procedure won't work. Click "next" to go to last screen and select "modify query" and "finish" which will put you in design mode.Under "amount" select "function" and using toggle arrow select "sum". Exit and save. Run query. If all is well you should see "sum("amount")" in first row and your total in the second row.

Now go to Report and create a report using wizard. At last screen select "modify" then "finish" which will put you in design
mode. Right click right end of cell (with number in it) below "amount" to get "Default Formatting Menu". Select "number format" and in sub-menu select "currency".

Go to left toolbar, click and release "formatted field" and move hatched box to your report. Note: to implant box you must click and hold down left button while moving mouse to open a box; otherwise nothing happens.

BEFORE clicking on the installed "formatted field box", you MUST click to highlight the "more controls" token in the left tool bar or you won't be able to get "sum("amount")" in the pop-down menu of "data" field in the properties menu.

Now click on the "formatted field" to get the "properties" menu . Under "data" you should be able to select "sum("amount") from the drop-down menu. Then go to "general", select "format" and "currency".
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Re: [Tutorial] Column totals in report

Post by Fossil1952 »

Hello witchdoctor,
Thank you for the simple step by step instructions regarding column totals, it works well. :D
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