[Issue] No standard.dic if special character in user name

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[Issue] No standard.dic if special character in user name

Post by Helge »

I had big difficulties to get the spell check going in ooo. I searched this forum and other sites for a solution. After several days I finally found the cause. I am a Swede. In my name, with which I log on to my computer, I have a Swedish letter, å. This prevents ooo from creating the standard.dic file and thus initiate the spell check. My workaround is to create a user account without special letters, create an ooo profile there, copy the standard.dic file to a memory stick. Then I log on to my original profile and copy the standard.dic file into the wordbook folder in my ooo profile. After that the spellcheck feature works as expected next time I start ooo. The temporary user account can be erased after the standard.dic file have been extracted. I am not a programmer so I do not know why a non-standard letter in your log on account causes this, but it does. Perhaps this feature(bug?) of ooo is the cause of some of the complaints of spellcheck not working on the forum.
The feature is not mentioned in the tutorial on spell checking: http://user.services.openoffice.org/en/ ... &sk=t&sd=a. There must be other users with unusual names who have encountered the same thing as I. I thus suggest an addition to the tutorial with the workaround.
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Reason: tagged the thread as Issue (link to a bug report).
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Re: Suggestion on the Spellcheck and Language Tutorial

Post by Hagar Delest »

Many thanks for the follow up and your findings :!:

I've added that in that post of the tutorial.

You should report it, I had never seen that: [Tutorial] Reporting bugs or suggestions.
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Re: Suggestion on the Spellcheck and Language Tutorial

Post by acknak »

Wow--Great catch, Helge!

Here it is: Issue 95628: UserLayer location defaults to boot drive if username contains non ansi characters
You can register there and add your vote (up to two) or comment.

From the comments in the article, it sounds to me like there are more problems than just the spellcheck that are affected by using non-ascii characters in the user account name. It might be best to "go with the flow" for now and just stick to ascii characters until this problem is fixed.

That's just my interpretation--I could certainly be wrong.
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