Why a new forum ?

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Why a new forum ?

Post by mkengel »

What is the relationship between the OpenOffice.org Community Forum and the OOoForum.org ?
Why a new forum ?
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Re: Why a new forum ?

Post by ccornell »

Take a look at this thread on the oooforum: http://www.oooforum.org/forum/viewtopic.phtml?t=54409 That may answer a lot of the questions about why a new forum has been set up.
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Re: Why a new forum ?

Post by andyqkw »

With the new forum up and running, is there any plan to close down the old forum :?:
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Re: Why a new forum ?

Post by DrewJensen »


OOoforum.org is a separate entity and the owner has no plans to close it. However, there is much interplay between the folks here and the folks there. How the two sites will interact going forward is being discussed by those involved with managing this one and those at OOoForum - in fact some of the individuals involved ( almost all ) fill roles as moderators or admins at both.
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Re: Why a new forum ?

Post by jwr »

The old forum still is a large database full of precious OOo-knowhow.

Up to now most of the details will be found at the old forum, but the new forum will quickly be filled with new threads.
Soon we will have to search for details at both sites, which definitely implies a loss of time.

Are there any plans or possibilities for transferring the full contents from the predecessor forum to the new forum (to simplify the searching process) ?

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Re: Why a new forum ?

Post by huw »

There is no predecessor forum. The two forums are independent. They just happen to have a lot of users in common. Some other software has dozens of forums available. In many ways it is unfortunate to have the knowledge base split in this way, but hopefully there will turn out to be advantages too.
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Re: Why a new forum ?

Post by saphil »

The new forum is not merely a way to split the traffic (helps the servers... maybe). The new site is the first part of a larger number of features, possibly user blogs, native language forums, and the new open office users organizational infrastructure. Our intention was to be able to do and be more for more individuals.

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