How do I delete a layer?

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How do I delete a layer?

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Help says "Choose Edit - Layer - Delete", but the "Edit" dropdown does not have a "Layer" item listed. Help further says that "This command is only available in Draw layer mode.", but I can't find anything that might tell me what "Layer mode" is or how to get into it.

Oops. I found the answer, so I'll include it here in case another newbie even slower than I can find it.

First, I wanted to delete the Layout layer; you can't. You cannot delete or rename the default layers, which are: Layout, Controls, and Dimension Lines.

I then selected a test layer I created, and there is still no "Edit - Layer - Delete" sequence available, but you can right-click on the Layer tab and a Delete Layer selection appears.

Suggest that Help's "layers/deleting" and "layers/renaming" index items point to Help entries reflecting this "right-click on layer tab and select" sequence. 3.3.0
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